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Services or features of Light My Safe light gun safes and vaults

Light My Safe is a American Lighting Company or Producer . We’re dedicated utilizing the cleverest quality L.E.D.’s available while the resistance utilizes the cheapest. Every vault lighting we manufacture is composed of 15 High Power L.E.D.’s, with every L.E.D. producing a great 35 lumens from each chip. We manufacturer. By comparison, your tactical flashlight that is ordinary possesses typically about 300 to 400 lumens. Whereas our vault mild with three kits that are light pushes has 1,575 lumens, and kit pounds of 2,625 brilliant lumens. It’s from those conditions that we make our design as”Tactical American Lights”.

Our Lifetime Warranty put on directly to L.E.D. lights, which are designed and accumulate in the U.S.A. by Light My Safe. This consists of Ultra-Bright, Ultra-Series, and American Tactical 20-inch L.E.D.s Lights. Five Years Warranty is relevant to goods, which carry the Light My Safe branded mark. The products ha A/C Adapters, D/C Battery Boxes, and Motion Sensors. Light My Safe presents warranty policy to suitable products against imperfection in materials or craft when utilized under ordinary in-service conditions for the time specified or as long as the initial buyer owns the gear. There’s not any guarantee to products which have been modified or operated.

Nobody likes to see wires, and so we finish our light design by using clear cables to conceal the wiring around the vault discretely. Moreover, our moisture-proof plugs guarantee that a lifetime of working by protecting the circuitry in the moisture, which quietly builds up inside shadowy vaults and worsens electronics as time passes. In conclusion, we made the most extended, brightest, and most outstanding thought-out-gun safe and vault lighting at the U.S.A. right here in the business. To acquire extra details on best gun safe lighting 2019 please look at Liberty Gun Safes. The advantages of our lightings are pencil-thin 12mm outer diameter fits without bending bolt obstruction. Angle alterations are allowed by jeweller tubing. Each light is wired with plugs. They’ve 525 lumens flux per light, and 6500k cool white L.E.D.’s jeweller tubes are all finished with optical-grade polycarbonate. Lights are shipped with peel-protective movie and have a lifetime warranty.

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